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Dumpy Proverbs
Free Printable Handwriting Copywork eBook for Kids - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - CCSS Literature Lessons - eBooks
Dumpy Proverbs for Children Free Printable eBook

This free printable eBook features 24 popular proverbs for children, each accompanied by a full color illustration. Young kids read the proverb aloud, then trace the words/letters, then write the proverb. Educators can print the whole booklet, or go one page at a time, or have the children work using a tablet or iPad. This is a great way to get young children learning and thinking about proverbs, conveniently while learning print manuscript handwriting. Proverbs are an important part of the Common Core State Standards for ELA (English Language Arts), typically addressed in-depth during fourth grade. Click here to print. Click here to print a version of this workbook using the cursive script writing font.

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