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The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century
Unit II: Bridge to the 21st Century (1877-1900)
Teaching Supplements: Assorted Free Printables
Chapter 8: Life at the Turn of the 20th Century (1877-1917)
Section 1: Science and Urban Life
Science and Urban Life - Main Idea Questions
Science and Urban Life - Outline Notes
Science and Urban Life - Terms and Names
Section 2: Expanding Public Education
Expanding Public Education - Main Idea Questions
Expanding Public Education - Outline Notes
Expanding Public Education - Terms and Names
Section 3: Segregation and Discrimination
Segregation and Discrimination - Main Idea Questions
Segregation and Discrimination - Outline Notes
Segregation and Discrimination - Terms and Names
Section 4: The Dawn of Mass Culture
The Dawn of Mass Culture - Main Idea Questions
The Dawn of Mass Culture - Outline Notes
The Dawn of Mass Culture - Terms and Names
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