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Welcome! We hope that you enjoy our many free educational materials for kindergarten through high school. If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a message at webmaster [at]

Environmentally Friendly Education Materials
Free Printable Forms for Teachers
Click on whatever you want. Print as many copies as you need.  Printable teacher forms, graphic organizers, and more are free for individual and classroom use. - American History - World History - Graphic Organizers - Attendance Forms
Attendance Forms Everything from a DIY attendance book to student sign-in sheets.
Disciplinary Referral Print your own referrals to the school's dean.
Flash Cards Free ABC and 123 printable  flashcards for young kids.
Graphic Organizers We offer what may well be the largest collection of free graphic organizers on the internet.
Lesson Planning Instructions on how to create formal and informal lesson plans, plus blank templates to print or download.
Seating Charts Organize your classroom with our free printable seating charts.
DIY: Classroom Hall Passes Complete DIY kit for a classroom wall unit with hall passes to the bathroom, nurse, office, and more.
Award Certificates Subject-specific award certificates for students.
High School Transcripts Template
Free template for creating official high school transcripts for homeschool students.
Classroom Signs Printable signs for the classroom featuring rules, guidelines, and more.
Daily Weight Chart Track your progress to a healthy goal weight with this printable daily weigh-in chart with 40 rows for 40 days of weight loss.
Note from the Teacher with Trains These printable note sheets feature a cute little train box car theme at the top.
Grading Sheets and Spreadsheets Complete materials and instructions for keeping track of student grades.
State Learning Standards and Teacher Certification Requirements Learn how to be a teacher in all 50 states and abroad, as well as required curricula and more.
Hourly-Daily Planner for a Week Schedule your week to the minute with this free printable weekly planner.
Student Information Sheets Keep organized files on each of your students - emergency/contact information and more.

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Calendars and Holidays Free blank printable calendars and yearly planners, today in history, and more.
Substitute Teaching Emergency Kit Everything the sub or regular classroom teacher needs - includes all kinds of free printable forms.
Daily Journal Handouts Print organized sheets for students' daily journals - each free printable sheet covers a 5-day week.
Parent-Teacher Conferences Form - Printable log sheet for listing student information and creating an action plan with parents.

Get to Know Me Student Information Sheet - This sheet is designed for older students (grades 5-12), and is to be completed by the individual student.
Teacher Evaluation Sheet Wondering how well that class or lesson went? Let students critique you anonymously - just like the evaluation sheets used in college classes.
"What We Did Today" Missed Assignments Sheets These are an excellent way to stay on top of things when it comes to absent students - comes with complete instructions & tips.
Stationery for Teachers A great assortment of creative and unique printable templates and stationery sheets for binder covers, bulletin board postings, notes home, etc.