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Substitute Teaching Emergency Kit
For Regular Classroom Teachers                           For Substitute Teachers
Notes for he Teacher: This sheet is an organized way to let the regular classroom teacher know what went on during each class period. There are spaces for absent and tardy students, discipline issues, and work completed.

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Version 6
Notes for the Sub: This sheet is an organized way to let the substitute teacher know what to do during each class period.
Student Sign-In Sheets: Can't find the student roster?  Just want to be sure?  Have the students put their names on one of our printable sign-in sheets.  Choose from an assortment.
Printable Classroom Seating Charts: For a substitute teacher, knowing where each student sits is the beginning of proper classroom management.  Choose from an assortment of common classroom layouts.
Substitute Teaching Log Sheet: This chart is a handy way for a sub to log her or his substitute teaching assignments.
No lesson plans?  No problem.
Browse through our assortment of printable worksheets.  You are sure to find something to match the students' grade level as well as the subject matter.  Better yet, print off some of our worksheets to keep in your sub folder in case of an emergency.
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Free Printable 10x10 Vertical Classroom Seating Chart Template

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