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Football Referee Signals
Whether you are just watching the game at home or in the stadium, or want a career in the National Football League with a job as an NFL referee, you should know the hand and arm signals that football referees use.  The handy chart below features pictures of the signals every football fan should know.  Learn the signals and impress your friends.  Make the call!  Scroll down to print the PDF of the chart.
Illegal Position or Procedure
Illegal Motion or Shift
Delay of Game
Personal Foul
Roughness and Piling On
Roughing the Kicker
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Defensive Holding
Illegal Use of Hands and Arms
Intentional Grounding
Illegally Passing or Handing Ball Forward
Forward Pass or Kick Catching Interference
Ineligible Receiver Down Field on Pass
Ball Illegally Touched, Kicked, or Batted
Incomplete Forward Pass, Penalty Declined, No Play, or No Score
Crawling, Helping the Runner, or Interlocked Interference
Ball Dead; If Hand Is Moved from Side to Side, Touchback
Touchdown or Field Goal
First Down
Start the Clock or No More Time-Outs Allowed
Ball Ready for Play
Want to practice calling the plays at the game or even on the football field?

Click here for a printable version of the football referee signals (PDF).