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Plastic Bags to the Rescue!
Free Classroom Organization Tip for Teachers and Parents - Use Large Plastic Sealable Bags for Storing Small Items
Plastic bags work miracles for keeping small items organized.  Most teachers' desks have enormous drawers (similar to filing cabinets) where smaller items get lost very often.  Well, like they say, the best answer to a problem is often the most obvious and simple one.  Sealable plastic bags to the rescue! Just remember to recycle the bags when you're finished with them.
Use plastic sealable bags to keep small items organized in large classroom drawers.
We keep almost everything in sealable plastic bags.  Pictured here, you can see a plastic bag full of Post-Its, tape, staples, and highlighters.  More often, we try to keep things divided into separate bags.  But the end result is the same.  None of these items are going to get lost or soiled floating around in a large cabinet drawer.  Instead of going on a treasure hunt through a messy drawer or cabinet when you need something, you simply sift through the four or five bags in any given drawer.  The sealed bags also deter students with sticky fingers from accidentally-on-purpose walking away with a roll of tape when they're near the teacher's desk.
We haven't got a preference between the major brands of sealable plastic storage bags, but we have found that the better-known brands (Ziploc, Hefty) hold up better than the generic versions.
Hint: We also use these when traveling, to store liquid items like shampoo, conditioner, and cleansers in our luggage.