How to Create a Photo Collage to End Wall Clutter
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How to Create a Photo Collage
Free Home Organization and Decorating Tip - Make Your Teenager's Bedroom Wall Clutter Look Nice
Okay...this organization tip isn't so much for classrooms as it is for homes.  But many of us can still use it!
Bedroom Framed Photo Collage Picture Organizer Decorating Idea Tutorial
A framed wall collage is inexpensive and easy to make.  These picture frames cost $7.99 each at Ikea.  They each measure 15.75" x 19.75".  Ikea (and most any other store that sells them) has several color options available.  These are especially great for kids' rooms because they are manufactured 100% from plastic.  Being so lightweight with no potential sharp edges, there is no fear of a disaster occurring should one get knocked off the wall.
This idea sprang from watching teenagers destroy their bedroom walls by taping up photos, magazine pages, etc.  The solution?  "You are free to display pictures on your walls, but keep them organized in a frame."
The tutorial for this is pretty simple: Tape your pictures onto the paper sheet or cardboard backing that comes with your frame.
Your end result will be much more aesthetically pleasing than the visual chaos created by dozens of torn magazine pages.  It can also make for a great parent-child bonding project.  Consider buying a set of three frames like those pictured above (total cost under $30.00).  One frame is for friends, one for family, and one for "fabulous" (celebrity crushes, pretty photos).  It's a great way to learn more about your teenager's friends and interests.  And you might finally learn who guys like RPattz (Robert Pattinson), Taylor Lautner, and Justin Bieber are.