Printable Numbers 1-20 for Classrooms | Student Handouts
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Printable Numbers 1-20
Free Printable Classroom Organizer for Teachers and Parents - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
Printable Sheet with Numbers 1-20 for Classroom Organization
This single sheet simply offers a smaller version of the numbers used in our other classroom area organization sheets.
These can be cut out and used for any number of purposes.  Below are a few ideas.
  1. Use these to correspond to organized areas of a classroom.  For example, glue a "3" on all items that belong on shelf number three.
  2. Teach little kids numbers, counting, and line order by affixing a number to each child's lapel.  How quickly can kindergarten kids or first-graders line up when they are left to read their line numbers themselves?
  3. Attach each number to a popsicle stick when teaching numbers and counting, then use as flash cards.
  4. Number the lists of positive behaviors that you expect from students (e.g., sharing, using inside voices, staying on task).  (Many teachers use these lists as an alternative to "Thou shalt not..." lists of rules.)  When you catch a kid being good, quietly give the child a number token corresponding to the number of the positive behavior.  On Friday afternoons, for example, you may allow the students to select prizes by spending their tokens.
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