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Mom and Dad's Weekly Planner
Free Printable Weekly Planner for Teachers & Parents - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - World History - Sub Folder

This blank weekly planner is designed to help busy parents keep their sanity, while remembering to spend mindful time with their families. There are boxes at the top for tracking scheduled activities on each day of the week. Below, a top-three list of to-do items, next to a family activity for the week.

Family reflections might include a fun memory from the week, or a reminder that Junior's belly cannot handle the merry-go-round at the park. Alone time reflections is a space where mom or dad can jot down more personal things--targets met while exercising or dieting, progress made organizing photo albums, etc. Moving forward is a spot to take note of what worked during the week, upcoming events that look interesting, and what lessons were learned.


Geometric Coloring Page #3 with Checkerboard Spheres

This weekly planner for mom or dad is designed for the busy classroom teacher or homeschooling parent who needs a separate organizer which is not focused on lesson plans. Instead, it is based on family plans.
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