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Lynx Canadensis Worksheet
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A lynx is a type of medium-sized, wild cat. There are four species of lynx: Lynx lynx, Lynx canadensis, Lynx pardinus, and Lynx rufus. Lynxes live in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the countries of Canada, China, Russia, and the United States.


The type of lynx that lives in North America, which includes the United States, is the Lynx canadensis. This type of lynx is commonly called the Canadian lynx. Lynx canadensis fur is silvery brown. Lynx canadensis is over twice as big as a typical domestic cat (the type of cat that people keep as pets).

To which class does the lynx belong?

Does the lynx produce milk for its young?

Name four countries where lynxes live.

This primary science worksheet has it all--an informational text, spelling/handwriting practice, and content-based questions that have students refer to the text and use their existing science knowledge (knowing that mammals produce milk for their young). The kids can even color the picture. Extension activities might include locating the habitats of lynxes on a map or globe. Click here to print this worksheet.
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