The Tehuacan Project (2007) - Film Review for Teachers, Parents, and Students
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The Tehuacan Project
Educative Value: 4/10
Release date: 2007
Length: 13:11 (13 minutes, 11 seconds)
Age Appropriateness Rating: Any
Creators and Stars: Adrien Brody, Brad Pitt, Esai Morales, Andy Lauer
Historical Accuracy: This is strict documentary footage shot in Tehuacan, Mexico.
Review: This short, to-the-point documentary, narrated by Adrien Brody and produced by Brad Pitt, explains the prevalence of preventable diseases in Latin America, focusing on deafness among children.  The documentary highlights Casa del Nino Sordo,  Mexico's first school exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of deaf children.  This film might be useful to teachers trying to get students interested in a service learning or charitable project.
Miscellaneous: You can watch the video free here, courtesy of Snag Films.  Unfortunately, as of 2012, the website linked to in the film no longer exists.  If your kids are interested in helping a Mexican school for the deaf, you might try Rancho Sordo Mudo, located in Baja California, Mexico.  Rancho Sordo Mudo is a religious-oriented residential facility.