Secrets of Stonehenge (2010) - Video Review for History Teachers | Student Handouts
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Secrets of Stonehenge
Educative Value: 7/10

We recommend this film.
Release date: 2010
Reviewer: Ms. Fox
Length: 53 minutes
Age appropriateness: The PBS/Nova documentary "Secrets of Stonehenge" is safe for all ages.  Its content is most appropriate for students in grades seven and up who are studying World History or European History.
Creators and stars: WGBH Educational Foundation, PBS, Nova, Alice Robinson, Andrew Young, Anna Evans-Freke, Bruce Bradley, Christie Cox, Howard Swartz, Jay O. Sanders, John Lord, Kate Becker, Laurie Calahane, Leonard Feinstein, Lisa Mirowitz, Melanie Wallace, Mike Coles, Mike Parker Pearson, Mike Pitts, Pamela Rosenstein, Paula S. Apsell, Ramilisonina, Stephen Sweigart, Valerie Lord, Will Lord

Accuracy: This film has the excellent quality expected from the "Nova" series, with leading experts offering the latest research.

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Review: "Secrets of Stonehenge" is an excellent video to share with students learning about people during the late Neolithic era in Europe.  The mystery of Stonehenge, located on England's Salisbury Plain, is fascinating for young and old.  This video highlights the latest research that seeks to unlock Stonehenge's mystery.

From an educative standpoint, PBS/Nova's "Secrets of Stonehenge" illustrates both experimental and field archaeology in practice.  Students get to see that archaeologists are scientists, following the scientific method of starting with a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis, etc., as well as remaining objective and open to the possibility of new ideas.

Vocabulary terms and questions for this video are provided below.
Vocabulary terms and names: archaeologist, Aubrey Holes, Britain, circular, engineering, excavate, experiment, fieldwork, henge, hypothesis, lintel, monument, Neolithic, observations, pillar, post holes, prehistory, research, River Avon, Salisbury Plain, sarsen, Stone Age, stones, summer solstice, theory, timber, tools, trench
Review and discussion questions: (1) Most of the cremated remains found buried at Stonehenge are of what sex?  (2) Describe Andrew Young's ball bearing hypothesis.  (3) How is Stonehenge's alignment related to the summer solstice?  (4) Describe what the  excavation team found along the riverbank.  (5) Locate the following on a map: England, Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge.  (6) Compare and contrast field archaeology and experimental archaeology.  (7) How do you suppose that prehistoric peoples moved heavy stones over large distances?  Explain your answer.
"Secrets of Stonehenge" Video/DVD Review Publication Date for Citation Purposes: July 2, 2012