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A Girl and a Gun
"A Girl & a Gun" Movie Review for Teachers - Educative Value: 6/10 - List of Our Film Reviews for Teachers
A Girl and a Gun (2012) Official Movie Poster
Release date: 2012

Reviewer: Ms. Fox

Length: 76 minutes (1 hour, 16 minutes)

Age appropriateness: This documentary is safe for grades seven and up.

"Breaking through Hollywood caricatures, A Girl and a Gun reveals America's diverse and far-ranging female gun community, showing through personal stories how guns empower women."
Creators and stars: Aieshia Johnson, Amanda Hughes, Andrew Hollander, Bob Taylor, Cathryne Czubek, Chris Brunelle, Crissy Springer, Deb Ferns, Diana Le, Elish Warlop, Emily Blount, Erik Kondo, First Run Features, Frank Leone, Gary Scarpulla, Grahame Weinbren, Hunt Beaty, Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Jessica Wolfson, Julia Haltigan, Julia Simpson, Julide Tanriverdi, Karen Copeland, Katharine Gates, Laura Browder, Lawrence Fancelli, Lyn Bates, Margit Sawdey, Mark Spano, Mary Zeiss Stange, Maureen McGowan, Michael J. Walls, Paul Rondeau, Peggy Dodd, Peggy Tartaro, Pete Biagi, Rachel Shuman, Robin Natanel, Rosemarie Weber, Ruth Somalo, Sandy Froman, Sarah McKinley, Stephanie Alexander, Steve Perski, Susan Froemke, Violet Blue, Whitney Henry-Lester
Accuracy: A Girl and a Gun utilizes accurate information and numerous first-person interviews with women who own guns, as well as Mary Stange, an expert on female gun ownership.
Review: "All you need for a film is a girl and a gun." - Jean-Luc Godard

A Girl and a Gun offers a fascinating look into the growing popularity of guns among American women. Surprisingly for a film about gun ownership in the United States, the story is balanced. Sarah McKinley, the young mother in Oklahoma whose shooting of an intruder on New Year's Eve in 2011 made national headlines, is interviewed, as is an innocent young woman left in a wheelchair due to gun violence.

The documentary film A Girl and a Gun is strongly recommended for educators who are seeking to engage students in a fair and informed debate about gun ownership in the United States. By focusing on women owning guns, the debate is shifted from fears of mass shootings to the everyday fears of violence felt by so many Americans. Additionally, women's concerns and interests--so often overlooked in this and other debates--are the focus here, which will empower female students to better voice their thoughts on bearing arms.
Discussion and recall questions: (1) Guns are associated with what masculine traits? (2) What do women find attractive about guns? (3) Why do women find guns empowering? (4) What role do historical figures, such as Annie Oakley, play in society's view of guns? (5) What dangers do guns pose to people? (6) How has the growing presence of women in the military influenced female gun ownership? (7) What types of women own guns? (8) What safety issues are involved with the use of firearms?
"A Girl and a Gun" Movie Review Publication Date for Citation Purposes: July 5, 2013