Imperialism | World History Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
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Free, fun, and educational test-prep games and practice quizzes! - World History - Attendance Forms
Imperialism Basics
The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire - Multiple-Choice Map Quiz
The Early Years of Imperialism and Empire-Building
The New Imperialism
New Imperialism - 80 Multiple-Choice Questions
Imperialism in China
Imperialism in India
Imperialism: The British Empire in India - Multiple-Choice Map Practice Test
Imperialism in East Asia
Imperialism in Asia (1914) - Multiple-Choice Interactive Map Quiz
Imperialism in East Asia - Hangman Game
Imperialism in East Asia - Interactive Flash Cards
Imperialism in the Middle East and Southwest Asia
Imperialism in Africa
Scramble for Africa: African Imperialism - Playtime Quiz Game
Imperialism in Africa (1914) - Multiple-Choice Map Questions
The Results of Imperialism
Dutch, French, and Italian Empires, and the Results of Imperialism - Hangman Game
Dutch, French, and Italian Empires, and the Results of Imperialism - Interactive Flash Cards