Imperialism - Printable Worksheets, DBQs, Puzzles, etc.
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Printable Worksheets - Educational Materials for World History-Global Studies
This page shows our printables (worksheets, quizzes, DBQs) for the era of imperialism, from the earliest trading posts of the Portuguese, to the height of the British Empire, on which "the sun never set." If you are looking for related outlines and other items, click here. If you are looking items covering the collapse of imperialism in the mid-20th century (Gandhi in India, etc.), click here.
Pop Quiz on Early Imperialism in Asia; Grades 9-12
Cecil Rhodes "Confession of Faith" (1877) DBQ
Siam's King Chulalongkorn "Royal Proclamation on Education" DBQ
Jamal-al-din Afghani "Letter to Hasan Shirazi" (1891) DBQ
Major-General Joseph Wheeler DBQ (1899) on the Spanish-American War
Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden" (1899) DBQ
D.A. Hobson on Imperialism (1902) DBQ
E.D. Morel's "Black Man's Burden" (1920) DBQ
Pivotal Events in the Course of the British Empire Blank Chart
Imperialism Word Search Puzzle
Imperialism Essay Questions Sheet #1
Imperialism Essay Questions Sheet #2
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