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List of Thirty Prominent Hispanic Americans
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List of Thirty Prominent Hispanic Americans - Free to print (PDF file) for high school American History teachers and students. Great list for picking project and paper topics.
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This is a list of thirty prominent Hispanic Americans. The Latinas and Latinos listed here come from a variety of backgrounds, including sports, entertainment, politics, science, and the arts. Most of the people on the list are contemporary.
This list is designed to help teachers who are asking students to construct biographies for a unit on Hispanic heritage. Next to each leading figure's name is a space for a student's name (to track which student is researching which prominent Hispanic American). Click here to print.
Aida Giachello - health advocate
Albert Vinicio Baez - physicist
Alex Rodriguez - athlete
Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez - writer
Antonia Novella - U.S. Surgeon General
Antonio Gonzalez - voter registration leader
Cesar Chavez - farm laborer organizer
Cristina Saralegui - talk-show host
Demi Lovato - actress and singer
Ellen Ochoa - astronaut
Ester Hernandez - visual artist
Gabriel Gomez - poet and playwright
Helen Rodriguez Trias - pediatrician
Jennifer Lopez - actress, dancer, and singer
Jorge Perez - real estate developer
Jorge Ramos - television reporter
Joseph M. Acaba - astronaut
Lionel Sosa - advertising entrepreneur
Mari Carmen Ramirez - art director
Martha E. Bernal - clinical psychologist
Monica Ponce de Leon - architect
Narciso Rodriguez - fashion designer
Robert Rodriguez - film director
Roberto Clemente - athlete
Salma Hayek - film actress and director
Sara Martinez Tucker - business executive
Selena Gomez - actress and singer
Sidney M. Gutierrez - astronaut
Sonia Sotomayor - U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Susana Martinez - politician
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