Most Popular Baby Names by Year - Free Printable Word Search Puzzles
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Most Popular Baby Names by Year
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You can travel back in history to find out what names were popular over a hundred years ago.  Kids find it hilarious that "Bertha" was once a popular name.  It's educational, too, illustrating that even something as simple as a name follows historical trends.
Kids can learn about themselves.  Are there a lot of Madisons in your class?  What about Emmas?  These names are heating up the charts, and high schools should be full of them by 2015!  Children get a real kick out of seeing what names were most popular the year they were born.  Terrific for kid's birthday party celebrations!
Forget the kids!  These are great fun as a baby shower game.  Print out the word search for the mother- or father-to-be's birth year, along with the latest puzzle (the lists aren't released until spring of the following year, so last year's names might not be here yet).
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