What is APA format? How are MLA and APA citations alike?
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How to Write Research Papers with Citations
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What is APA?

APA stands for "American Psychological Association" and is the citation format created by this organization.  The APA publishes a book which describes and explains this formatting style, as well as offers free tips online here.

Online, you can get free information on APA requirements courtesy of the
OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University.  The APA format is seldom used in high schools, but (ironically) is used in teacher colleges, as well as in university science departments.

What do MLA and APA look like?  And what are in-text citations?

MLA and APA look very similar.  The most telling characteristic is, at the end of a sentence, paragraph, or other segment of information, the surname of an author, followed by a year and perhaps a page number, located in parentheses.  These citations at the ends of sentences or paragraphs are called in-text citations because they are inserted into the text of the paper. 

The major differences between the two have to do with the way the bibliographies (lists of references) look, the margins on a page, and general essay organization.

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