APA, MLA, Endnote, and Footnote Tips
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How to Write Research Papers with Citations
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In conclusion...

Figure out what format your teacher or professor wants you to use (MLA, APA, footnotes, endnotes).

eep organized notes from the very beginning.

ite every piece of information in your paper.

emember the point of citations: leading your reader to exactly where you got the information.

ractice, practice, practice...  Every student initially hates citations and contemplates dropping out rather than writing a cited research essay.  It will get easier, though.  After a few papers, you'll really start to get it, and won't need to look up every single thing.

heck out the features in your computer's word processor.  Newer versions of Word, for example, do most of the citation work for you (and even create works cited pages).

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