Arkansas - State Standards, Teacher Certification, Job Postings
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Information on State Teaching Standards, Teacher Certification Requirements, Job Postings, and More
Arkansas Department of Education - Direct link to the state's list of requirements  and resources.  Access everything from credentialing to what is required on state proficiency exams. Please note that this state is part of the Common Core initiative.
Teach Arkansas - Job postings...see what the teaching career market has available for you.
Arkansas Licensure - Go straight to the source to learn what it takes to get an Arkansas teaching license.
Tips: Apart from the tornadoes, Arkansas is a great place to live.

The state will be a good fit for you if you consider yourself to be on the conservative side of things.

If you teach Social Studies, you'll be pleased by the numbers of local resources for field trips, guest speakers, etc. (Native American reservations, ancient burial mounds, archaeological digs, civil rights movement historical landmarks). 

Due to the region's economy, teacher salaries in Arkansas tend to be rather low.

However, this is slightly balanced by the low cost of living.
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