Hawaii - State Standards, Teacher Certification, Job Postings
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Information on State Teaching Standards, Teacher Certification Requirements, Job Postings, and More
#3 Starting Teacher Salary for 2007-2008
Hawai'i Department of Education - This is the official state government website. Please note that this state is part of the Common Core initiative.
State of Hawai'i Department of Education Office of Human Resources - Search available positions at all levels of the educational system.
United States Military in Hawaii - Public Schools Serving Military Housing
Tips: Aloha! Hawaii is more gorgeous than you think.

Anyone with a love for beauty and beaches will love living and teaching in Hawaii.

Hawaii also boasts high salaries for teachers. However, be careful--high teacher salaries exist to offset the very high cost-of-living in Hawaii. Almost everything is more expensive in this state. (But Hawaii is worth the cost!)
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