Idaho - State Standards, Teacher Certification, Job Postings
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Information on State Teaching Standards, Teacher Certification Requirements, Job Postings, and More
Idaho State Department of Education - This is the official state government website where you'll find everything you need to know about teaching certification and requirements, as well as about Idahoan educational standards. Please note that this state is part of the Common Core initiative.
Idaho Teacher Certification - This is the direct link to the state of Idaho's teacher certification main web page.
Idaho Education Jobs - This is the official site for education job postings in Idaho.
Tips: The scenery in Idaho is beautiful.  However, teacher salaries are not particularly high.

Teachers may be surprised to learn that Idaho has a significant population of ESL/ELL students (English language learners), largely because of Idaho's use of migrant farm labor. Those who speak some Spanish will have an advantage over their competitors.

Those who prefer to live and work in a small community will enjoy teaching in Idaho.

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