Nevada - State Standards, Teacher Certification, Job Postings
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Information on State Teaching Standards, Teacher Certification Requirements, Job Postings, and More
Nevada Department of Education - This official state website is your go-to source for information on K-12 education in the state of Nevada.  It is a valuable resource for both classroom teachers and homeschooling parents. Please note that this state is part of the Common Core initiative.
Nevada Teacher Licensure - Once you have completed the college degree required to gain licensure, this is where you go to complete the application process to become a certified teacher in the state of Nevada.
Nevada Teaching Jobs - Once you are professionally licensed to teach in the state of Nevada, visit this site to look for job openings for teachers in the public school system.

The capital of Nevada is Carson City.  The state's most populous city is Las Vegas.

Large parts of Nevada are desert; the air is hot and dry.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, hate humidity, and love the sun, Nevada is a terrific state in which to live and teach.

Politically, economically, and socially, Nevada is a mixed bag. 

The recession has put a halt to a lot of the growth in Las Vegas, but the city is still doing well.

In certain areas, particularly large cities like Las Vegas, there are significant immigrant communities of English language learners.
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