New Jersey - State Standards, Teacher Certification, Job Postings
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New Jersey
Information on State Teaching Standards, Teacher Certification Requirements, Job Postings, and More
#2 Starting Teacher Salary for 2007-2008
State of New Jersey Department of Education - For the straight facts regarding K-12 teaching jobs and curriculum standards in New Jersey, go to the source.  There are great resources on the state site for both classroom teachers as well as for homeschoolers living in the Garden State. Please note that this state is part of the Common Core initiative.
State of New Jersey Teacher Licensure and Credentials - Whether you are a pending college graduate or a graduate moving to New Jersey, this site has everything you need for becoming a certified, licensed teacher in the state of New Jersey.
New Jersey Hire: Official Education Recruitment Website - Once you have completed New Jersey licensure, this is where you want to go to look for New Jersey teaching job listings.  See where schools are hiring, and in what areas.

New Jersey has the highest per capita income of the 50 states.  This can mean very high housing prices in certain areas.  Keep this in mind if you are relocating to New Jersey from another state.

Culturally, there are large Italian-American, African-American, and Jewish populations in New Jersey.

Anecdotally, as ones who have driven through and around New Jersey many times, beware the roads!  Traffic can be a nightmare, and expressway exits are not clearly marked.  This is important if you are moving to New Jersey and selecting a home any distance from your place of employment.
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