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Education in Wyoming
Information on State Teaching Standards, Teacher Certification Requirements, Job Postings, and More
#8 Starting Teacher Salary for 2007-2008
Wyoming Department of Education - This is your source for information on state teaching standards, as well as the state-mandated school curriculum. This official website is a valuable resource for both K-12 classroom teachers and homeschooling parents.
Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board - This is where you need to go to get certified as a teacher in Wyoming.
Wyoming at Work - Employment connections for educators. This is where you need to look once you have met the requirements for teacher licensure in the state of Wyoming.
FYI:If you enjoy wide open spaces and a rural atmosphere, you will love living and teaching in the state of Wyoming. The state boasts the Rocky Mountains in the west and the High Plains in the east.

Unlike most states with a relatively small population (Wyoming ranks as the least populous state, with under 600,000 total residents), Wyoming teacher salaries are comparatively high. Understandably, given the small state population, there are few teaching positions in the state.

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