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Child Farm Laborer in New Jersey, USA
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Child Farm Laborer in New Jersey, USA (1910)
New Jersey female child laborer photographed in 1910. "Rose Biodo, 1216 Annan St., Philadelphia. 10 years old. Working 3 summers. Minds baby and carries berries, two pecks at a time. Whites Bog, Brown Mills, N.J. This is the fourth week of school and the people here expect to remain two weeks more. Sept. 28, 1910. Witness E. F. Brown. Location: Browns Mills, New Jersey" (Whitesbog, Browns Mills, Pemberton Township, New Jersey 08015). Child labor was common at the turn of the last century. Click here to enlarge. The Whitesbog Preservation Trust honors Whitesbog's history as a former company town and farm, founded by Joseph J. White, here.
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