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Cunard and Anchor Atlantic Lines
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Cunard and Anchor Atlantic Lines - Antique advertisement from 1922.
Cunard and Anchor Lines, 25 Broadway, New York. 1922 advertisement. The world's record passage between Europe and this country was made by the Mauretania--the holder of the Blue Ribbon of the Atlantic--in 4 days, 10 hours and 41 minutes. This truly grand ship is back in service, thoroughly overhauled, and converted into an oil-burner. She and her gigantic sisters, the wonderful Aquitania and the luxurious Berengaria are making history in carrying on the fastest weekly passenger service--De Luxe, the world has ever known. From New York every Tuesday to Cherbourg and Southampton. Other services to Queenstown and Liverpool, to Londonderry and Glasgow, to Plymouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg--a little less speedy but no less comfortable--by the beautiful, roomy, homey, oil-burning new ships such as the Scythia, Laconia, Samaria, Cameronia, in cooperation with the famed and popular Caronia and her twin sister the Carmania. Crossing the Atlantic in 4 1/2 days. To Europe there is no better way. Click here to enlarge.
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