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Post Toasties Ad of 1922
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Post Toasties Ad of 1922
Post Toasties.  If the Pilgrim fathers could have found Post Toasties!  The value of parched corn as a food was learned 300 years ago, and this knowledge helped to sustain a settlement on "the stern and rock bound coast."  Today, any grocery store sells, and any table, however humble, may have, a food produced from corn, which the Pilgrim Fathers would have prized as delicious beyond all description.  Post Toasties, crisp and savory flakes of toasted corn--famed around the world as a food delicacy.  Post Toasties represent the perfection of corn-flakes processing.  Their flavor, crispness and texture are universally recognized as superior.  A bowl of Toasties, with cream or milk, at breakfast or lunch, is a feast of real American privilege.  The Pilgrim Father was three hundred years away from Post Toasties--you are as near as your nearest grocer.  And if you specify Post Toasties by name in ordering, you are sure of the superior corn flakes.  Post Toasties--always in good taste.   Made by Postum Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan. Click here to enlarge.
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