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Antique-Vintage Advertisements from the Roaring Twenties
Mass Consumerism
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Maxwell Motor Corporation, Detroit, Michigan.  Splendid reliability, satisfying comfort, unusually fine performance, notable savings in operation--all are now definitely established as the outstanding attributes which the new organization is building into the good Maxwell.  1922.
Goodyear Tires.  1922 advertisement.
Stromberg Motor Devices Co., Dept. 639, 64 East 25th Street, Chicago, Illinois.  More mileage at less fuel cost.  New Stromberg carburetor does it!  For any car, any size, old or new.  The foremost item to consider in the upkeep of your car, is fuel consumption.  Are you getting every ounce of energy from the gas you buy?  There is a way--the New Stromberg Carburetor makes a slave of the gas--gets a "full day's work" from every drop--makes a gallon go farther.  It means actual economy through the saving of fuel.  The make of your car--its age or condition cannot alter the fact that a substantial saving, a noticeable increase in efficiency of operation and additional power is evident where the Stromberg is installed.
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc., 1922.  Quality is at the peak; prices are at bedrock.  We are told by veteran Goodyear users that our tires today give more than twice the mileage they did ten years ago.  Yet our prices are the lowest they have ever been--on the average more than 60 per cent lower than in 1910.  Look at the figures listed below.  They tell the whole story--a better tire, a lower price, a greater value.  (Followed by price list.)
LaFayette Motors Company at Mars Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  What Mr. Bishop Wrote to Mr. Creager: Before purchasing his LaFayette, Mr. A.Y. Creager of Sherman, Texas, wrote to Mr. C.W. Bishop, a LaFayette owner of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who has previously owned cars of ten different makes, asking for his opinion of the LaFayette.  Mr. Bishop's reply is reproduced below.  (Includes the full text of the testimonial.)
Paige Motor Car Company, Detroit, Michigan, 1922.  The most beautiful car in America.  The mighty 70 horsepower motor of the Paige 6-66 means absolute command of the highway.  With its 131 inches of wheel base it matches in size as well as power those cars for which you have been accustomed to pay from $4,000 to $5,000.  And it possesses the beauty of line, the fine appointments and finish that make it a car of distinction in any company.   The superb balances of the car--the perfect coordination of clutch, transmission and rear axle--guarantees not only delightful, care-free motoring, but years of it at minimum expense.  These are the true qualities of a champion.  They are yours today for $2195 f.o.b. Detroit.
A. Schrader's Son, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., Chicago, Toronto, London.  25% more miles per gallon.  Tires that are insufficiently inflated need 25 per cent more gasoline to pull them along the road than tires that are inflated to the right pressure.  They also deteriorate 25 per cent to 75 per cent faster--it depends on the degree of underinflation--than tires that are kept inflated to the adequate and requisite pressure.  With a Schrader Tire Pressure Gauge you can keep your tires inflated to the right pressure.  $1.25 at all dealers everywhere.
The Chandler Motor Car Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1922.  Smart body styles put new Chandler Six into exclusive car class.  Buyers who know motor car values have welcomed in the new Chandler Six lasting style and assured mechanical supremacy.  Such a superlative degree of motor car aristocracy was never before available at a cost so low.  Everywhere the smart style and superb bodies of the latest Chandler proclaim it the season's most fashionable car.  The briefest ride in a Chandler Six will prove its inherent smoothness and comfort, qualities that will still further be emphasized by the rough roads and tough hills of the long tour.  The new Chandler is available in every model essential to the demands of utility, the caprice of taste, or the whim of pleasure.  Now $1595 (touring car).  The price that scraps previous motor car values.