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King Henry VII of England
Henry VII (Lived 1457-1509, Reigned 1485-1509) of England - House of Tudor Picture Gallery
Henry VII (lived 1457-1509, reigned 1485-1509) founded the Tudor dynasty of England.

He won the throne after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field, and has the distinction of being the last English monarch to have won the throne through battle.

He died peacefully, and his throne was inherited by his son, Henry VIII.

The Tudor family originated on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales.

This portrait of Henry VII holding a Tudor rose and wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece, is attributed to Michel Sittow (dated 1505).

Henry VII was born on January 28, 1457, at Pembroke Castle in Wales. He died on April 21, 1509, at Richmond Palace in England.

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HENRY VII, married Elizabeth; their children
1. ARTHUR, Prince of Wales
2. MARGARET, married
     a. James IV of Scotland, their child
          i. JAMES V of Scotland
     b. Archibald Douglas
     c. Henry Stewart
3. HENRY VIII, married six times
4. MARY, Queen of France, married
     a. Louis XII of France
     b. Charles Brandon
6. EDMUND TUDOR, Duke of Somerset
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