Read about and Diagram the Human Ear | Student Handouts
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Read about and Diagram the Human Ear
Free Printable Worksheet for Upper Elementary Science - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Science
This free printable worksheet, designed for upper elementary students (grades four, five, and six), has students label a human ear as they read about it.
Read about and Diagram the Human Ear - Worksheet is free to print (PDF file).

Click here to print. The two pages fit neatly on one double-sided sheet of paper. For more of our free worksheets for Science classes, click here.
The ear is divided into the external, middle, and internal ear. THE OUTER EAR is a sheet of cartilage curiously folded for catching sound. The auditory canal, B, or tube of this ear-trumpet, is about an inch long. Across the lower end is stretched the membrane of the tympanum or drum, which is kept soft by a fluid wax. 1. Label the auditory canal on the diagram....