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Create an Anagrams Story
Printable Create-Your-Own Anagrams Story Worksheet - Study Games > Printable Games > Brain Teasers
Create Your Own Anagrams Story Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).

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Create Your Own Anagrams Story

Try using the following anagrams, and some of your own, to create an anagrams story.

a joint-stock-company – Mock joy-a-tin-pan-cost!

breakfast – fat bakers

enigmatical – in magic tale

misanthrope – spare him not

old England – golden land

peregrinations – O, stranger! I pine.

punishment – nine thumps

telegraphs – great helps

solemnity – Yes, Milton.

malt-house – Oh use malt.

somersault – roast mules

W.E. Gladstone – We lads get on.

Napoleon – pale noon

oratorio – I roar, too.

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