Free Guide - Preparing and Studying for Classroom Tests
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Classroom Test Prep
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You already know and understand the importance of creating classroom tests which correspond to standardized tests, in order to prepare students for these.  But how do students prepare for the content of tests?
In layperson's terms, you have "here are the facts" and "figure this out yourself" lessons. A good teacher uses a mixture of both.
"Here are the facts" lessons, the teacher says, "This is what happened," or "This is how you cite sources."  Do not assume that your students know anything.  While one student may have grown up in a house with lots of books and museum trips, another student may have grown up in a house with no books and no museum trips.  Different kids have been exposed to different things.  Do not punish the child because she or he never heard of Marie Antoinette before entering your Modern World History class.  Use a PowerPoint to give the basic facts.  Once the kids have the basic facts, you can move on to using the facts.  Students’ knowledge of basic facts can be checked through verbal question-and-answer sessions or through fun games involving trivia questions such as these.
"Figure this out yourself" lessons include everything from research to group work to anything that causes a student to think about the facts. Students might examine primary source documents like this.
If you have implemented the strategies above for incorporating test content/formats into your regular lessons, students should be prepared to face these formats and the content on tests.
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