Free Substitute Teaching Emergency Kit: Lesson Plans, Sign-in Sheets, Tips, More
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Substitute Teaching Emergency Kit
For Regular Classroom Teachers                           For Substitute Teachers
Substitute Notes for the Teacher
Substitute Notes for the Teacher
Teacher Notes for the Substitute
Daily School Site Log for Substitutes
Student Attendance Sheets: Can't find the student roster?  Just want to be sure?  Have the students put their names on one of our printable sign-in sheets.  Choose from an assortment.
Printable Classroom Seating Charts: For a substitute teacher, knowing where each student sits is the beginning of proper classroom management.  Choose from an assortment of common classroom layouts.
No lesson plans?  No problem.
Browse through our assortment of printable worksheets.  You are sure to find something to match the students' grade level as well as the subject matter.  Better yet, print off some of our worksheets to keep in your sub folder in case of an emergency.
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