French Revolution Crossword Puzzle #4 | Student Handouts
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French Revolution Crossword Puzzle #4
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French Revolution Crossword Puzzle #4

2. Italian author of Crimes and Punishments who advocated punishments that suit the variety of crimes
5. Encyclopedia writer who attacked the Old Regime
8. Local revolutionary government of Paris
10. King of France who was executed by the guillotine on January 21, 1793

1. After they were locked out of the meeting place of the Estates-General, representatives of the Third Estate made this promise in a nearby indoor tennis court
3. Scot who wrote Wealth of Nations advocating laissez-faire economics
4. This symbol of tyranny was attacked on July 14, 1789
6. Design of the new French flag
7. Design of the old French Bourbon flag
9. Device for beheading commonly used in the French Revolutionary period
Answer Key

Across: 2. Beccaria 5. Diderot 8. The Commune 10. Louis XVI
Down: 1. Tennis Court Oath 3. Adam Smith 4. Bastille 6. tricolor 7. fleur-de-lis 9. guillotine
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