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S#x Acts (2012)
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Israeli film released in 2012; U.S. release through Tribeca Film, 2013. 100 minutes in length (1 hour, 40 minutes). S#x Acts is not officially rated in the United States, but would likely get an R rating. It is inappropriate for classroom viewing. Graphic sexual acts are portrayed, though only breasts are seen. This film is in Hebrew with English subtites.

S#x Acts (2012) Film Review and GuideOfficial synopsis: "Naïve teen Gili (Sivan Levy) changes schools and is determined to improve her social status by hooking up with the most popular guys. But as she pushes her own limits with every new encounter — offering a succession of sexual favors and allowing herself to be photographed and filmed — the line of consent begins to blur. Israeli filmmaker Jonathan Gurfinkel's provocative debut is raw, racy, and immediately recognizable."

S#x Acts takes a disturbing look at how sexual naivete and the desire for social acceptance plays out among modern teenagers. Set in today's Israel, this film's story could just as easly play out in any American city, from Los Angeles to New York. The plot centers around Gili, the relatively poor new addition to a high school. Eager to both impress her peers and date, Gili ingratiates herself amongst a circle of young wealthy boys, each with a sense of entitlement, deluding herself that they truly like her, while allowing them to indivually (or in groups) use her for sex. The brutality and heartlessness of how the boys treat Gili is realistically portrayed not as blatant, vicious abuse, but indifference mixed with their seeming belief that they're not actually doing anything wrong. For example, a date rape is followed by an offer of fast food. The title is a play on "sex" and "six," as the story plays out in six acts.

S#x Acts is worthwhile viewing for any parents who might otherwise (and incorrectly) feel they have some grasp on sexual culture among teenagers. Youth counselors may also find that this film resonates with at-risk kids, particularly alienated teenage girls. It's a heart-wrenching look at desperation that sends a strong message without being moralistic or preachy. We definitely recommend checking it out. The film is being released on VOD and in selected theaters in December, 2013.

Creators and Stars: Alon Leshem, Anna Muggia, Arik Leibovitch, Asaf Hertz, Danielle Kitzis, Doron Suliman, Eran Ivanir, Eti Amsalem, Eviatar Mor, Gil Fishman, Gita Wmely, Ido Bartal, Johnathan Gurfinkel, Keren Assaf, Matanel Laiany, Maya Mitelpunkt, Meirav Gruber, Moti Lugasi, Nitsan Levartovsky, Niv Zilberberg, Omer Perelman Striks, Omri Lucas, Pazit Yaron Minkowski, Rona Segal, Ronen Sagih, Ronit Yudkevich, Roy Nik, Ruslan Labchuk, Shantih Gidron, Shark De Mayo, Sivan Levy, Tal Grushka, Udi Yerushalmy, Yair Shteren, Zvi Shemesh
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