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Miscellaneous Teaching Materials
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Worksheet - Students find an item that starts with each letter, and write the name of the item in the corresponding box

American vs. International Paper Sizes - Guide for understanding the difference between standard U.S. letter paper size and international A4 paper size

Apartment Renter's Printable Checklist - Great planning tool for students who plan to "live on their own" right after high school graduation

ASL Finger Alphabet Handout - Learn the American Sign Language (ASL) manual/fingerspelling alphabet with this printable handout. Then practice your skills with a partner using our ASL Finger Alphabet Flashcards.

Award Certificates - Printable school award certificates in numerous general areas

Button-Maker Template - Template for designing standard 2 1/4-inch metal buttons

Career Education - Work in progress; interviews with leaders in their career fields and their advice for young people

Citations and References Guide - Basics on proper MLA, APA, and traditional references and citations in essay writing

Classroom Signs - Printable classroom signs with rules, indicating areas of the room, and more

Clip Art - Numerous free galleries of clip art educators can use for stationery, worksheets, and more

Coloring Pages - Most of our coloring pages are found under our Holiday Printables listings, so this page contains many coloring sheets that don't necessarily fall under a holiday or other theme

Cubes for Learning - Template and instructions for creating learning cubes

Cultural Literacy Daily Quizzes - 365 Oops...that's 366 quizzes, one for each day of the year, designed to test the sort of cultural literacy knowledge mandated through such things as the Core Curriculum State Standards

CurrClick Workbooks - Answers keys for our workbooks formerly sold on CurrClick

Debate, Logic, and Speech - Work in progress, featuring worksheets designed to help with students' reasoning skills

Family Tree Descendants Chart - For you hardcore genealogists out there, this family tree chart is a real treat. Commonly, in genealogy, researchers connect with third, fourth, and fifth cousins. Making sense out of these distant familial relationships can be confusing and difficult. This chart is designed to show the relationship between up to six generations that are descended from a common couple.

Famous Quotes - Printable quotes from notable persons on education and more; designed to be printed and hung on classroom walls, posted on blogs, etc.

Football Referee Signals - Fun printable chart featuring the football referee signals, great teaching tool for kids while watching or playing a game

Foreign Languages - Links to our (and others') resources for teaching languages other than English

Forms for Teachers - Selection of printable forms commonly used by teachers

Games Tutorial - Information on how to create your own test-prep games, including links to our free game card and game board templates

Go Green Guide - Information on being more environmentally friendly in the classroom and home

How to Use this Website - General tips and tricks for navigating studenthandouts.com

Internships - Information on securing an internship with Student Handouts, available to those in the New York City area

Lesson Planning - Printable templates and instructions for creating formal and informal lesson plans

List of 26 Negative-calorie Foods - Free printable list of 26 negative-calorie foods for a healthy and low-calorie diet

News Archives - We used to post updates about the site on the site, rather than on our blog

Personal Genealogy - One of our contributors is a genealogy nut, and hosts lots of her family history findings on this site. If your ancestry includes surnames like Besancon, Hill, Fox, Fuchs, Sullivan, O'Leary, Hart, Gfell, Funk, Louys, Grisier, Beucler, and Garvin, you might want to take a look.

Portrait Gallery - Images and brief biographical sketches on major figures in the history of the world

Post-It-Notes Printing Template: 2" x 1.5" - Template for using your printer to print directly onto 2" x 1.5" Post-It notes

Post-It Notes Printing Template: 3" x 3" - Template for using your printer to print directly onto 3" x 3" Post-It notes

Potluck Sign-Up Sheet - Whether it's a holiday, in-service day, or PTA/PTO meeting, it always seems that there's a potluck happening; this is a printable sign-up sheet for your next potluck breakfast, lunch, or dinner

PowerPoint Presentations Tutorial - Printable tutorial for students of the basic dos and don'ts of giving a PowerPoint presentation; focus is on form rather than anything technical

Preparing Students for College Guide - Tips for teachers and parents on preparing students for college (preparation, admissions, selection, and success once at a university)

Puns for Teachers - Perfectly putrid pedagogue puns; tacky texts for teachers tempted to torture teenagers

Sign-Up Sheets - Printable sign-up sheets for just about every sport and activity you can imagine

Student Handouts Blog - Here is our blog where we hype our recent releases

Teaching Standards and Certification - Information on teaching and educational standards in all 50 states, as well as numerous military base and other international positions

Teaching Tips - Tips for teachers on everything from classroom management to maintaining fresh breath throughout the day

Ten Things I Learned This Year - Fun end-of-the-year activity; printable worksheet for any grade

Test Creation - Guide for creating classroom tests and other assessments

Test Preparation: Classroom - Tips for teachers on preparing students for classroom tests

Test Preparation: State - Tips for teachers on preparing students for state and other standardized tests

Tournament Tally Cards - Printable tally cards for keeping score during multiple-player round robin games, from traditional games like euchre and bridge, to teacher-crafted test-prep games, to quiz bowl tournaments

Western Tradition - Links to each of the 52 classic PBS videos in chronological order, which include worksheets; ideal for AP World History

While You Were Out Phone Message Sheets - Printable sheets for taking down telephone messages

Worldwide Visitor Information - Map view of where visitors to this site come from
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The Bank Fight Reading with Questions
Soong Family Tree Worksheet
Immigration and Urbanization Word Search Puzzle
American Revolution Interactive Pop Quiz
The New Immigrants Writing Exercises
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