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Free Educational Materials for K-12 Teachers and Students of All SubjectsCheck out some of our latest releases:

John Smith Bellwork Worksheet - This worksheet is ideal for morning bellwork. It focuses on John Smith (ca. 1580-1631). First, students answer a test-prep DBQ question. Then, students unscramble one of John Smith's most famous statements: "He that will not work, shall not eat." Lastly, students find relevant terms in a word search puzzle.

Poetry, Prose, and Drama Venn Diagram - This worksheet has students list the major differences between poetry, drama, and prose, within a Venn diagram. In the center, students may write, "Literature," etc. Shared spaces are for listing common elements.

Compass Rose Handwriting and Coloring Worksheet - Here is a fun worksheet to help introduce primary school students to the compass rose. Students are asked to read, trace, and write the term. Once the students are familiar with the spelling of compass rose, they are free to color the image.

Pease Porridge Hot - Students are asked to read, trace, and write this classic English nursery rhyme. Once completed, students may color the little picture.

Daily Bullet Journal Planner for 2017 - Do you need more space for each day? Do some "to-do" items not fit neatly into time slots? These free printable bullet planner sheets offer both standard time slots and bullet points. There is also a monthly calendar on the bottom left of each page, with the current date highlighted. Standard American holidays are in the top right.

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