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Grade 1 ELA: English Language Arts
Grade 1 Language: Literacy
Grade 1 Literature
Grade 1 Reading: Foundational Skills
Grade 1 Reading: Informational Text
Grade 1 Reading: Literature
Grade 1 Speaking and Listening
Grade 1 Writing
Grade 1 Mathematics
Grade 1 Geometry
Grade 1 Measurement and Data
Grade 1 Number and Operations in Base Ten
Grade 1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Other First Grade Subjects
Primary School Social Studies
Primary School Science
First grade is a pivotal year in children's education, laying the foundation for future academic success and social development.

During this crucial period, children transition from early childhood to formal schooling, where they acquire fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

These foundational skills are essential for all subsequent learning. First graders also develop important social skills, such as cooperation, communication, and problem-solving, through structured classroom interactions and play.

Additionally, this year helps foster a positive attitude toward learning, curiosity, and a sense of independence. Teachers in first grade play a key role in identifying and addressing any learning difficulties early on, ensuring that students receive the support they need to thrive.

Overall, first grade sets the stage for a child's educational journey, making it a critical year for building confidence and a lifelong love of learning. > First Grade