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Easter Holiday Crossword Puzzle
Free Printable Easter Crossword Puzzle for Kids in Grades 5-12 - Just Scroll Down and Click to Print (PDF)
Free Printable Easter Crossword Puzzle for Teachers and Students

2. Animal of the pagan goddess Eostre, which developed into the modern Easter bunny

3. Week before Easter (two words)

5. Children traditionally hunt for these on Easter morning

8. Day of Jesus’ crucifixion (two words)

9. Period of fasting before Easter

10. Celebrates the day Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead


1. Name for Easter in the Orthodox Church

4. German goddess whose name many believe is the root of the name Easter

6. Refers to the fact that Easter does not fall on a fixed calendar date (two words)

7. Easter is linked to this Jewish holiday
Click here to print.          Click here for the answer key.
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