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Meet Our Staff
Get to Know Some of the Contributors at Student Handouts - Miscellaneous
A. Fox
Ms. Fox
Executive Publisher

[email protected]

Ms. Fox, whose M.Ed. is in Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Social Studies), guides the development of curricula for Student Handouts.  She also orchestrates the internship program and handles day-to-day operations.
C. Stelzer
Ms. Stelzer
Contributing Writer and Photographer

Ms. Stelzer is a professional artist, photographer, and writer based in southern Ohio.
M. Daretzes
Mrs. Daretzes
Contributing Writer and Photographer

Mrs. Daretzes, a world traveler and photographer, specializes in finance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two young sons.
Ms. Rindner
Contributing Editor

Ms. Rindner, a graduate of Monmouth University, specializes in editing worksheets and workbooks. She lives in Oakhurst, New Jersey.
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