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Free Educational Materials Aligned to the Common Core State Standards - ELA Printables - U.S. History - World History
English Language Arts
Grade 8 Math: Expressions and Equations - Expressions and Equations Work with radicals and integer exponents. Understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations. Analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations.
Grade 8 Math: Functions - Define, evaluate, and compare functions. Use functions to model relationships between quantities. 
Grade 8 Math: Geometry - Understand congruence and similarity using physical models, transparencies, or geometry software. Understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem. Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres.
Grade 8 Math: Number System - Know that there are numbers that are not rational, and approximate them by rational numbers.
Grade 8 Math: Statistics and Probability - Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data.
Free Printable 10x10 Vertical Classroom Seating Chart Template

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