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English Colonies Come of Age
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English Colonies Come of Age - Free printable code puzzle worksheet for U.S. History (PDF file).
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Emergence of Colonial Government Reading with Questions

Magna Carta (1215)

Witches of Salem Reading with Questions
1. The southern colonies were largely 18-21-18-1-12.
2. Plantations in Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia primarily grew 20-15-2-1-3-3-15.
3. Plantations in Georgia and South Carolina primarily grew 9-14-4-9-7-15 and rice.
4. 16-8-9-12-1-4-5-12-16-8-9-1 became the British empire's second-largest port, second only to London.
5. 23-15-13-5-14 had few legal rights in any of the colonies.
6. The 5-14-12-9-7-8-20-5-14-13-5-14-20 called for the use of logical reasoning and the scientific method.
7. The revival of religious puritanism in the early 1700s is known as the7-18-5-1-20  1-23-1-11-5-14-9-14-7.
8. Jonathan 5-4-23-1-18-4-19 wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."
9. The French and Indian War was a conflict between the French and 5-14-7-12-9-19-8.
10. 16-15-14-20-9-1-3 led Native Americans against the British in what is now Ohio and Michigan.
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