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Settlement in the Americas - Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle Worksheet for U.S. History
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Lands of Promise Reading with Questions
1. The first Americans came from Asia via the 2-5-18-9-14-7    19-20-18-1-9-20.
2. 20-5-14-15-3-8-20-9-20-12-1-14 was the Aztec capital in Mexico.
3. Hernando 3-15-18-20-5-19 invaded Mexico in 1519.
4. Francisco 16-9-26-1-18-18-15 defeated the Inca in Peru.
5. Samuel de Champlain founded 17-21-5-2-5-3 in 1608.
6. 12-15-21-9-19-9-1-14-1 was named after the French king Louis XIV.
7. Albany, New York, was first known as 6-15-18-20   14-1-19-19-1-21.
8. The 10-1-13-5-19-20-15-23-14 colony was founded in 1607 by Captain John Smith.
9. 16-21-18-9-20-1-14-19 established the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1629.
10. 16-15-23-8-1-20-1-14 led the alliance of tribes living near the earliest English settlements in Virginia.
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