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DBQ Worksheet: Hubert Harrison on the American Civil War. Free to print (PDF file).
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This double-sided worksheet of document-based questions features an excerpt from Hubert H. Harrison's The Negro and the Nation (1917). In it, Harrison gives an unconventional economic motive for the United States Civil War--that of a conflict between the institution of slavery and the rising dominance of capitalism. This handout is designed for high school students of American History. Click here to print (PDF file). For our free printable PDF of the complete book, click here.
1. What was done "as a fit and necessary war-measure for suppressing said rebellion"? 2. In a letter to Horace Greeley, what did President Lincoln give as his reason for waging the Civil War? 3. What economic system was expanding in the northern states? a. capitalism b. feudalism c. socialism d. None of the above 4. Do you agree with Harrison's assessment of the root cause of the Civil War? Explain your answer.
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