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Reconstruction Crossword Puzzle with Word Bank - Free to print (PDF file).Across

1. Federal agency that was designed to help former slaves following the Civil war

4. Voting tax that was required in some Southern states

6. Northerners who moved to the South following the Civil War

8. Separation of people based on race

10. Southern laws designed to separate blacks and whites

11. White Southerners who worked with Northerners, and who joined the Republican party, following the Civil War

12. Abolished indentured servitude and slavery in the United States


2. System of farming in which farmers rent land, seeds, and tools, paying for these things with a share of the crops

3. Granted suffrage to African Americans

5. Former slave who founded the Tuskegee Institute

7. Period of rebuilding the South following the Civil War

9. Granted full U.S. citizenship to former slaves
Click here to print (worksheet includes word bank). Click here for the answer key.
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