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Jane Addams Reading Worksheet
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Jane Addams Reading Worksheet
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Jane Addams - American, 1860-1935

Jane Addams (1860- 1935) was an American sociologist and pioneer settlement worker. She was born at Cedarville, Illinois, on the 6th of September 1860. Ms. Addams came of age during the Progressive era, a time when many Americans felt it was their duty to reform and improve society.

Jane Addams Word Search Answer KeyAfter graduating at Rockford Female Seminary (now Rockford College, located in Illinois) in 1881, Ms. Addams spent several years studying economic and social problems in both Europe and America. In 1889, with Ellen Gates Starr, Ms. Addams established in Chicago, Illinois, the social settlement known as Hull House, of which she became the head worker. The primary aim of Hull House was to help assimilate poor European immigrants to life in the United States. This was accomplished through many methods, including childcare and adult education. The success of this settlement, which was seen as a great factor for good in the city, was principally due to Miss Addams's rare executive skill and practical common-sense methods.

Ms. Addams’s personal participation in the life of the community was exemplified in her acceptance of the office of inspector of streets and alleys under the Chicago municipal government. She became widely known as a lecturer and writer on social problems. She published Democracy and Social Ethics (1902), Newer Ideals of Peace (1907), and The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets (1909).

The front side of this worksheet includes the reading followed by six questions. The back side includes a quote which students are asked to rewrite in their own words, as well as a word search puzzle featuring terms and names from the text.
Click here to print. Answer Key: (1) Cedarville, Illinois; (2) A time when many Americans felt it was their duty to reform and improve society; (3) Ellen Gates Starr; (4) Chicago, Illinois; (5) To help assimilate poor European immigrants to life in the United States; (6) A - city
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