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Canada Steamship Lines Antique Ad - Niagara to the Sea, Shooting the Rapids
Canada Steamship Lines, 1922 advertisement. Shooting the rapids. The most satisfying trip in America for health and recreation. Almost 1,000 miles of lakes, rivers and rapids, including the Thousand Islands, the exciting descent of the marvelous rapids, the historic associations of Montreal, Quaint old Quebec, Ste. Anne de Beaupre, and the renowned Saguenay River, with its stupendous Capes, "Trinity" and "Eternity," higher than Gibraltar. Send 2¢ postage for the illustrated booklet, "Niagara to the Sea," including map and guide, to John F. Pierce, Passenger Traffic Manager, Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd., 107, C.S.L. Building, Montreal, Canada. Click here to enlarge.
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