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Vintage Goodyear Tire Ad from 1922
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc., 1922. Quality is at the peak; prices are at bedrock. We are told by veteran Goodyear users that our tires today give more than twice the mileage they did ten years ago. Yet our prices are the lowest they have ever been--on the average more than 60 per cent lower than in 1910. Look at the figures listed below. They tell the whole story--a better tire, a lower price, a greater value. (Followed by price list.) Click here to enlarge.
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A. Schrader's Son, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., Chicago, Toronto, London.  25% more miles per gallon.  Tires that are insufficiently inflated need 25 per cent more gasoline to pull them along the road than tires that are inflated to the right pressure.  They also deteriorate 25 per cent to 75 per cent faster--it depends on the degree of underinflation--than tires that are kept inflated to the adequate and requisite pressure.  With a Schrader Tire Pressure Gauge you can keep your tires inflated to the right pressure.  $1.25 at all dealers everywhere.
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