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The Politics of War
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Allied military efforts were accompanied by a series of important international meetings on the political objectives of the war. In January 1943 at Casablanca, Morocco, an Anglo-American conference decided that no peace would be concluded with the Axis and its Balkan satellites except on the basis of "unconditional surrender." This term, insisted upon by Roosevelt, sought to assure the people of all the fighting nations that no separate peace negotiations would be carried on with representatives of Fascism and Nazism and there would be no compromise of the war’s idealistic objectives. Axis propagandists, of course, used it to assert that the Allies were engaged in a war of extermination...
The Politics of War - Free printable reading with questions (PDF file) for U.S. History classes.
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Click here to print this worksheet. Answer Key: 1. B - Casablanca, Morocco; 2. C - Hideki Tojo; 3. A - Adolf Hitler; 4. D - Ukraine; 5. The USSR would gain effective control of Manchuria and receive the Japanese Kurile Islands as well as the southern half of Sakhalin Island; the eastern boundary of Poland was set roughly at the Curzon line of 1919, thus giving the USSR half its prewar territory; 6. D - Georgia; 7. Answers will vary.
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